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Jyl is a speech-language pathologist and translator from New York. As a child, Jyl envisioned owning an animal rescue. She inspired her family to foster feral kittens in her youth and continued volunteering with animal rescues in New York and Costa Rica. Here in Texas, she began fostering dogs and dog sitting. When Jyl met Brian, their passion for rehabilitating animals merged and magnified, and Code Red Animal Project was born. Jyl's behavior management skills fostered in the field of speech pathology convey wonderfully to her growing skillset in dog training and behavior assessment. She loves helping fearful dogs blossom into confident, adoptable, social pups and match them with their perfect forever family.



Brian is the brawn and brains behind our rescue. He applies the knowledge from his day job as a mechanical engineer to logistics and problem-solving for the rescue. He is data-driven, open-minded, and has a heart of gold. Brian is Texas-born and grew up with small dogs and a cat. His family instilled in him a love for animals and his desire to help those in need made animal rescue an easy choice.

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