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1 year old

Energy level


Friendly with

All humans, dogs, cats


Fort Worth, TX

Angel, a Great Dane mix, is the epitome of a large breed lady. She is over-the-top sweet, has a goofy streak, and is friendly with all people and animals. Angel arrived at our rescue after having been marked for euthanasia (for space) three times. She must have been a staff favorite, because she had been extended twice, and we completely understand why! Angel is great on a leash, crate trained, loves toys, and is potty trained. She is dainty and gentle in her play style with other dogs, regardless of their size. Angel is tolerant of other dogs in her space, and shares well, even food.

Prior to coming into our rescue, poor Angel simply declined at the shelter. She had arrived at the shelter weighing 82lbs. After 6 weeks, an upper respiratory infection (flu), and the disappointment of not attracting a foster or adopter, Angel left weighing only 71lbs. After just a week in her foster home, Angel is back up to 76.8lbs. She is happy, and you can see it in her expressive brown eyes. Angel is just a year old and hasn't quite grown into her enormous feet. She is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, and microchipped. Angel loves all people, including kids, and is great with dogs of all sizes and friendly cats. Angel loves cuddles and car rides. Her favorite toy is a squishy pink rubber ball, but she also loves anything soft and chew toys. She knows not to chew on inappropriate things, always picking up a dog toy when in the mood to play. Angel loves soft beds and wouldn't dare chew them up. She's much too grateful! Angel longs for a home where she's a loved member of the family. She would love to go on adventures into town, on family vacations, and to lounge near her people on movie nights.

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