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2 years

Energy level


Friendly with

Humans, dogs


Fort Worth, TX

Cody is a dog that simply makes you smile. This 2-year-old Dogo Argentino mix is full of life and love. He is extremely dog friendly (big, small, old, young, you name it!) and loves all people. This 65lb lean pup loves to snuggle: he tries to sit on your lap, loves hugs, and is a faithful guy! Cody loves exploring the outdoors and frolicking with friends. He is dog park approved! Cody also is fantastic in his kennel and in the house. He's potty trained, a very quiet guy, and walks well on a leash. He knows his name and has good recall. Once he knows his people, he's even great off leash. Cody is a versatile guy: he would love to be an adventure buddy, exploring the natural beauty near and far. He is also very gentle and sweet with kids and the elderly. He has the most docile temperament and never plays with his mouth. Cody is a hair hard-of-hearing, but is definitely not deaf. Cody knows his name and knows a few basic commands. The 'C' in Cody must stand for curious, compassionate, cuddly, and cute, because this boy is all of the above!

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