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2 years old

Friendly with

Loves people; enjoys both dogs and cats




Fort Worth, TX

Gwendolyn is a two-year-old black cat. She has lived the last year with both dogs and cats, and is extremely friendly. Gwen came to us as a momma cat with a huge litter of kittens. The only one left to be adopted is Franklin! She was a great momma and is a very social cat. She loves being held and pet. Gwen is tolerant, playful, loving, curious and dignified. Gwen is spayed, chipped, and up to date on vaccines. She is a very healthy boy and would truly make an excellent addition to any home (single cat, multi cat, RV, apartment, with dogs, with kids). Gwen absolutely loves riding in a car and sits on your lap purring for the whole drive. And of course, Gwen is a champ at using the letterbox and loves kitty toys, scratching posts, and lounging.

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