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2 years

Energy level


Friendly with

Humans, dogs, cats


Fort Worth, TX

If you're looking for the perfect first time dog, Leia is your girl! This 2 year old girl is wonderfully trained: house trained, excellent on a leash, perfect in the car, knows basic commands, doesn't jump on people. She is full of love, too! We think Leia is a Cretan hound/Great Pyranees mix, and her personality is a perfect mesh of those breeds! Leia loves sleeping on a soft bed and is kind to her bedding. She's never had an accident in either of her foster homes. Leia adores children and is friendly with all people. She is both dog and cat friendly, too! Leia can be a little bossy with high-energy or dominant females, but does really well after settling in. Leia completely ignores cats, respecting their boundaries. While she does have medium length hair, Leia's shedding is pretty minimal outside of seasonal shedding. On top of it all, Leia has a superpower: she is deaf! Don't let this scare you as she knows to visually check in with her people frequently. You probably wouldn't even notice she was deaf, except that she naps hard, ignores the doorbell, doesn't mind thunderstorms, and can sleep through a Super Bowl party! Deaf dogs are known to form deep bonds with their families, as they love physical touch and rely on their eyes for communication, which means they look at you frequently! Without the distraction of noises, deaf dogs are also quite easy to train. If you have any questions, we are very knowledgable about deaf dogs as they are our absolute favorite.

Leia came to us from the Grand Prairie, TX, shelter, where she was a staff favorite, but was overlooked for too long. Staff at the shelter called her Aurora.

Leia is spayed, heartworm negative and up to date on vaccines.

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