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2 years old

Energy level


Friendly with

All humans; puppies; adult dogs with slow intros


Fort Worth, TX

Love is simply the most gorgeous blue-nose bully you have ever seen. She came into our rescue after being scheduled for euthanasia at BARC, Houston's city shelter, just three days prior to giving brith to a healthy litter of 9 puppies. As her name implies, Love was a phenomenal mother to her babies. After the pups were weaned, Love was treated for her heartworms (fast kill). This momma is resilient, blessed by good fortune, and extremely grateful. She loves most younger dogs, but can be selective with adult dogs, especially males. She does well with slow introductions to new pups. Love adores all people and children. Love's favorite toys are chews, balls, and squeaky toys. She is prey-motivated and would do best in a home without cats or other small animals. Love is house trained, crate trained, and leash trained. She gives the best hugs and loves to snuggle. Her motherly tendencies extend to human children as well; she's truly a nurturing spirit.

Love's mix of zoomies and couch-potato tendencies are best suited for a home with a backyard or an apartment-dweller that can commit to two walks a day. Love is good off-leash, but prefers slower intros to new dogs, so Sniff Spots would be her favorite thing in the world!

Is Love's affection and zest for life what's missing from your home? Apply to meet her today!

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