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6 years old

Friendly with

Loves people; tolerates dogs and cats




Fort Worth, TX

Noodle is refined gentleman with so much love to give! This 6-year-old Russian Blue cat is a really special guy. He loves to snuggle with his people and has such charisma! Noodle had all of his teeth removed due to recurring stomatitis (now resolved) and eats a bougie diet of wet urinary food. He takes a little while to warm up to new people, but once he accepts you he is inseparable. Noodle prefers to sleep on the human bed at night and is an excellent work from home companion. He doesn't cry or step on your keyboard, but prefers sitting near you while you do your job. He somehow knows to keep his presence unknown during Zoom calls, too! Noodle tolerates other cats and dogs, but will definitely let another animal know they've overstepped the invisible line that he prefers to keep from them with a quick swipe of the paw. He's not aggressive, by any means, but is definitely a "man's best friend" kind of cat. Noodle loves to play with all kinds of cat toys, and minimally scratches scratching posts. He much prefers to make biscuits on bedding or your lap. Noodle is also up to date on shots and is neutered and microchipped.

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