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3 years

Energy level


Friendly with

All humans, dogs


Fort Worth, TX

We are SHOCKED that Rex hasn’t caught anyone’s eye yet! He’s perfect! 3-year-old Rex has lazy-boy good-dog vibes. He loves snuggles, car rides, and treats that he doesn’t have to work too hard for. Rex came to us in April 2023 with his sister Dutchess after their veteran mom fell on hard times. Even though Dutchess has been adopted, Rex still gets to see his original mom on occasion. He had a big ole grin when she visited him yesterday. Rex is looking for a couch to call his own and would be most happy in a home with at least one other medium to large dog. And we promise that his snuggles are the absolute best! He is house trained and crate trained. He knows how to sit and never has an accident in the house. His energy is low to medium, and he's so grateful for all the attention he can get!! Rex isn't a fan of small dogs or cats. He doesn't require daily walks and prefers to walk on softer surfaces due to a slighly deformed rear paw (from birth). He's a total sissy when it comes to nail trimmings, but is otherwise super tolerant of any kind of poking, proding, touching, rough-housing, you name it! He's a hugely loving guy and knows that his job is to make his family feel loved.

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