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1.5 years

Energy level


Friendly with

All humans, dogs, cats


Fort Worth, TX

Syra has earned herself the loving nickname "Wiggle Butt" because he little bully body is constantly engaged in a full-body wag. She LOVES people and has a big personality to share with everyone she meets. Her basic manners are a bit lacking: she loves to jump up to say hello if given the opportunity and she pulls a bit on the leash when overexcited, but is easy to redirect. Miss Wiggle loves treats, food, and affection and is very eager to please her humans. Syra's compact, stout frame and radiant smile are easy to love. She weighs in at just under 45lbs. Her favorite things are chews, squeaky toys, and bubbles! She is dog friendly and loves romping with her canine pals. She is also very cat friendly with cats who have been socialized around dogs.

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