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Energy level


Friendly with

All humans, dogs, cats, pigs


Fort Worth, TX

Six -month-old Freddie has always been a handsome boy with his crisp blue eyes. Freddie is the perfect blend of all things puppy: snuggly, playful, goofy and cute! He loves toys, especially tug-o-war and proudly playing keep away with toys much bigger than he is! Freddie rides great in the car and is crate trained. His potty training is on track for his age, and he doesn't have accidents in his crate at night. Freddie would love a home with another dog to show him the ropes, but several of his siblings have gone to single-dog homes and have truly excelled. He is wonderfully social and is good with cats and his foster family's potbellied pigs.

Freddie was born on August 4, 2023 to Love, a dog rescued from the brink of euthanasia at the BARC shelter in Houston. Love gave birth to Freddie and his siblings just three days after leaving the shelter.

Freddie is up to date on vaccines, is microchipped and is neutered. He's also up to date on heartworm prevention.

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