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Jade, the Spunky Runt



Energy level


Friendly with

All humans, dogs, cats, pigs


Fort Worth, TX

Jade, a spirited and resilient female puppy, made her grand entrance into the world on August 4, 2023. Despite being the runt of a litter of nine, this little dynamo quickly stole the hearts of everyone around her with her spunky personality and endearing quirks.

From the moment Jade took her first wobbly steps, it was evident that she possessed a special zest for life. Her petite stature and playful demeanor earned her the title of the runt, but her boundless energy and enthusiasm made her stand out. Jade's siblings may be been bigger, but she proves that size is no match for spirit.

Jade is a loving soul with an independent streak, showcasing a unique blend of cuddliness and a penchant for exploration. She has a natural talent for spreading joy and warmth, melting hearts with her playful affection. Whether it's a gentle nuzzle or a tail-wagging greeting, Jade's love knows no bounds.

Jade has the most adorable zoomies, those delightful bursts of energy that remind you of her youth and simply make you laugh. Witnessing her joyful sprints and spins is sure to bring a smile to anyone lucky enough to be in her presence.

Jade's journey began with her remarkable mother, Love, a dog rescued from the brink of euthanasia at the BARC shelter in Houston. Love's story of survival and resilience has undoubtedly passed down to Jade, making her a living testament to the transformative power of love and compassion.

Now, Jade is ready to embark on the next chapter of her life—a journey filled with love, laughter, and companionship. Come meet this spunky, loving, and independent pup who is sure to make every day brighter with her presence. Adopt Jade, and let the adventure begin!

Jade's local adoption fee is $300, and covers the cost of her spay once she's a little older.

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