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10 years


Dogs, cats, all people, pigs

Energy level



Hartford, CT

Bagel is an easygoing, breeze-loving, nap enthusiast. She is a 10-year-old Shar-pei, up to date on her vaccines. Bagel spends the majority of her day lounging and snoozing, but walks around the neighborhood are her most favorite thing. Bagel is wonderful around other dogs, cats, and other animals (pigs included!) and she's never met a stranger.

As a Shar-pei, Bagel is a bit quirky. She prefers to eat her kibble directly off of the ground or a mat instead of a bowl and she blows bubbles in her water bowl as she drinks. Given all the skin folds, Bagel needs her eyes cleaned regularly to prevent build up of eye crusties. Bagel is a bit hard of hearing and has some cataracts in her eyes, but these characteristics don't detract from her sweetness. If nothing else, being a little hard of hearing means that Bagel doesn't wake easy from naps and isn't bothered by the vacuum.

Update 8/2023: Bagel was adopted in August 2023 to an amazing couple in Connecticut. She has a Shar-Pei brother named Oscar.

Update 9/2023: Bagel's forever was cut short, simply due to old age. She passed in her sleep at her Connecticut home and was buried with love in their backyard.

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