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3 months old

Friendly with

Loves people, dogs and cats




Fort Worth, TX

Arnold is the spunkiest and most fearless kitten! He showed up on our property out of the blue, with no other kitties in sight. This little guy LOVES the attention of dogs, people, and other cats. He may actually identify as a dog at this point. Arnold is the perfect mix of independent and snuggly and he sleeps soundly through the night in his fosters' bedroom. Arnold is up to date on vaccines, dewormer and prevention. He is scheduled to be neutered at the end of July. Arnold's ideal home would be with other animals, but he isn't picky about what kind. He sneaks nibbles of dog food while the pups are eating, loves to sneak attack dogs, cats, and human feet. He is so very lovable. If you're looking for a tiny being to rule your home, Arnold is your guy.

Watch Arnold meeting pups for the first time here:
Watch him being a diva here:

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