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Born as a husband and wife endeavor, Code Red Animal Project is a labor of love. In the summer of 2022, in light of the steep increase in shelter intakes at Fort Worth area shelters, Jyl and Brian became prolific local fosters. They made strong ties with shelters, local fosters, animal transporters, and rescues near and far. In their experiences, it became apparent that there can never be enough hands on the deck of animal welfare, and Code Red Animal Project was born. CRAP seeks to rescue domestic animals from urgent situations: code red and last call shelter lists, owner surrenders, and community rescues, giving these "urgent" animals the time, space and resources to decompress, heal, socialize, and develop the skills to be successful in their forever homes. CRAP matches our adoptable animals to loving families, and facilitates their transport to their homes. We strive to make a positive change in all of our pursuits and inspire others along the way.



At Code Red Animal Project, animals come first. Each animal under our care is an individual, and there is no time limit on their stay with us. We are willing to work with behavioral and medical conditions, and often take in animals that have been overlooked or mislabeled. Our greatest assets in serving these animas is our teamwork and flexibility. We value the diverse experience, areas of expertise, and opinions of our collaborators, volunteers, and team members. There is strength in numbers, and with community as our pillar, we hope to positively impact animal welfare in Fort Worth, TX, and beyond.



At Code Red Animal Project Inc's core is the pillar of collaboration and inclusivity. We see the beauty and value of each living being, and promote a culture of respect, kindness, dignity and love. Inclusivity drives our success and we value the unique strengths and identity of community of volunteers, fosters, and supporters. As such, we expect all Code Red Animal Project Inc. representatives to treat others with respect, dignity and love, regardless of their beliefs, identities or choices. This extends to our board members, volunteers, fosters, networkers, and anyone who chooses to align with our mission. We recognize that differences in age, gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, physical ability, thinking style, and background are the unique differences that contribute to the success of our rescue organization. Just as we help animals in need, regardless of their breed, we welcome all partners, volunteers and adopters whose energy aligns with our mission. The spirit of connection and inclusion drive increased creativity and meaningful impact in the communities we serve.

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