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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our Code Red Animal Project Inc. below.

What is your adoption process?

If you are interested in one of our animals, we urge you to complete our foster/adoption application. All of our adoptions are foster-to-adopt and our matchmaking process is individualized. Applications received will be followed by a phone conversation to discuss your family's lifestyle, your "ideal dog," and the play-style of any current pets. We will discuss the pet applied for and any other pets that we think might be a great fit for your situation. If you'd like to meet any of our pets in person or virtually, we are happy to set up meet-and-greets. We firmly believe that you cannot know if an animal will be the right fit for your family with just one meeting and we encourage an "adoption trial" in the form of foster-to-adopt. The foster-to-adopt model allows you and your new pet to experience each other for as long as is needed to determine if you are their permanent home or if you are an important stepping stone in their journey home. We are happy to talk you through any hiccups in the transition process and decipher doggy behavior. We will teach you about decompression, proper introductions, and whatever else you need to know. Our doors are always take back a foster that isn't the perfect fit. It helps us learn even more about our adoptable pets and helps you determine what personalities and energy levels would be ideal additions to your home. Every person and animal is unique. As the experts on our animals, we are honest about any behavior or health issues, and will give you tips and tricks for each pet we have. Transparency is integral to our adoption experience. We want our match-making to result in the final forever home for each rescue pet we adopt out.

I don't live in Texas. When is your next transport?

We aim to have one transport every 3-4 weeks to the Northeast, always stopping in Pittsburgh, PA. Our route will vary depending on where our foster-to-adopters are located. We take pride in delivering each pet directly to their new home, facilitating meet and greets, and taking the time to answer questions and offer training tips at the drop-off. For adoptions in other parts of the US, we have other rescue and transport allies that are available to assist with transports. Please contact us to learn more.

Do you take in strays?

Unfortunately, it is rare that we in stray dogs from the community. Even if the pet does not have a collar or tags, please bring them to the closest vet to see if they are microchipped. 24 hour emergency vets offer this service at any hour (eg. in Dallas-Fort Worth: Veterinary Emergency Group, the PARC). If they are chipped, it increases the chances they can be reunited with their family and the vet will help contact the owners. If not chipped, or if the family cannot be reached, you should file a lost dog report via the Animal Care Center website and/or bring them into their facility. Families who have lost a four-legged friend will often visit the shelters in search of their pet, and accepting them directly into our rescue would possibly prevent them from being reunited.

I need to surrender my pet (not adopted through Code Red Animal Project). What is the process?

Deciding to re-home your pet is agonizing, and ensuring that your pet goes to a no-kill shelter/rescue is paramount to most families. We are a foster-based rescue and our intake capacity is dependent on foster availability and shelter partner commitments. If you have an animal you would like to re-home through our organization, please complete our surrender form. Owner surrenders are accepted on a case-by-case basis and any details you can provide about your animal's health and behavior are helpful in our decision-making. If you are able to foster your animal until adoption, we are more likely to be able to help. Our team will get back to you via phone if we are able to accept your dog. If we are unable, we can walk you through other local resources that may be of assistance.

Will you pull a specific dog from a last call/ euthanasia list?

Most of the animals in our rescue come from last call/euthanasia lists from Texas shelters, meaning that for whatever reason (usually due to space and length of stay), they are scheduled to be euthanized to make space for new intakes at the shelter. Our preferred model is to bring dogs into our rescue from a shelter, let them decompress for two weeks, and evaluate their health and behavior before sending them to foster homes. We sometimes will pull specific dogs for approved fosters, but this is done on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at if you are interested in saving a specific animal. Also note, we only pull animals from Texas shelters due to the overwhelming need in our state alone. We recognize the plight of animals in other states and hope for live outcomes, but also recognize that we are a small foster-based rescue.

What local rescues do you recommend?

We love our rescue community! Collaboration and healthy relationships between rescues are important for inspiring change in animal welfare and for finding the best placements for specific animals, as well as to meet the needs of eager adopters. Local rescues that we love include (but are not limited to):

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