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5 years

Energy level


Friendly with

Humans, dogs, pigs


Fort Worth, TX

Wilhelmina is a 5 year old, spayed pot-bellied pig. She came to Texas from Florida when she was adopted by a family near Corpus Christi. She was the queen of her world, sleeping in bed with mom and dad--under the covers as a pig in a blanket, of course. As Wilhelmina grew into her 90lb adult frame, she wasn't able to get up on the bed as much. Children were born and took mom and dad's attention away from Wilhelmina. She has lived harmony with dog, not without the expected sibling spats. And of course, she was never left out with the pups unsupervised. Wilhelmina takes time to warm up to new people and can be a little ornery. Once she warms up to and respects you, her happy oink and belly scratches are totally worth it. She is house trained and very lazy, happily lounging on her pillows for hours on end. Wilhelmina enjoys a variety of foods and is used to eating twice a day, with a preference for eating in the sunshine outside. She would prefer a home without small children, or where she is kept fairly separate from small children.

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