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2 years

Energy level


Friendly with

All humans, dogs, cats, pigs


Fort Worth, TX

Snowflake is the most lovable, quirky goofball. She is always happy, has the cutest bursts of zoomies prancing around the house with her favorite toys, and she is very serious about her naps. She is cat, dog, pig, bunny, and kid friendly, and we're sure she'd love anyone and everything she meets. She came to us from Dallas Animal Services where she was last call for space. We wanted her in our rescue because of our affinity for deaf dogs. At the time of her spay, she revealed an acute seizure disorder. Snowflake had four seizures her first night with us and ended up being hospitalized the next day. Snowflake's seizure disorder is now well managed with medication. She will likely need to remain on Keppra, phenobarbital and CBD oil for the rest of her life. The medications cost approximately $100 per month. Snowflake has such a unique character and is incredibly lovable. She also loves car rides, sleeping in bed with her people, and snuggling with other animals.

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