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2 years

Energy level


Friendly with

All humans, dogs, cats, pigs and possibly other animals with proper introductions

Adopted in

Pittsburgh, PA

Bacon is a 28-lb miniature golden doodle. Bacon is a socialite who loves being the center of attention. He would thrive in a home where he is treated like a king-- or at least a price. Bacon loves his outdoor time and walks well on a leash. He plays fetch, loves lounging on the couch with his human, and enjoys car rides. Bacon has mastered basic obedience and would be a wonderful first dog. He does demonstrate a bit of the doodle stubbornness in that, if left alone during the day, he may show his frustration by having an "accident." We have not seen this behavior when he is in the company of another dog or cat, so perhaps he is better suited for a home where he's not the only pet. Overall, he is truly a well-behaved and happy-go-lucky little dude that would be easy to integrate into any dog-loving family. Bacon is registered with the AKC and was purchased from a reputable breeder.

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