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2 years old

Energy level


Friendly with

All humans, dogs, cats, pigs

Adopted in

Denton, TX

Ghost is a deaf dog that was set to be euthanized at Dallas Animal Services in 2023. Given our love of deaf dogs, he popped up on our radar. We had some behaviors to work through, with some not-so-gentle, not-so-puppy play nips. He also developed a seizure disorder that is now well-managed with medication. Ghost was adopted in 9/2023 to a wonderful single mom. He surprised everyone when one week into his new life, he alerted the house when his new grandma had a heart attack. Despite not being able to hear, he could sense the change, and he barked until his mom invesigated. Granny has since fully recovered, and Ghost's quick alert definitely played a crucial role in her swift intervention.

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