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8 years

Energy level


Friendly with

All humans, dogs


Fort Worth, TX

8-year-old Daphne is like that black sheep aunt who never married and is uninterested and short-tempered with the younger kids, but who the high schoolers view as the fun, chill, gossip-worthy aunt who dishes disses as quickly and naturally as the teenage smart alecks. An old injury on her front right leg gives her a unique limp-like gait that does not slow down her ability to romp and throw down with the young adult dogs. Daphne is as sweet as they come with all humans and loves to be by your side. She believes that the world would be better without cats or puppies - although the latter seem to find her particularly interesting and approach her.kennel with fan-girl zeal, licking her feet and face through the bars. Through the barrier she doesn't seem to mind, but when face-to-face, we aren't quite sure how she would treat them given the predatory glare.she casts in their direction. Aunt Daphne would be best suited for the canine version of a species-specific 18 years and older gated community. What can we say? The girl has wisdom with her age and makes her preferences known.

Daphne is in wonderful health despite having been last call at Houston's BARC shelter. She has undergone the slow-treatment for heart worms, had a benign tumor removed from her underside, and is overall in wonderful health. Her breath is remarkably fresh for an older gal. She does have some little growths typical of older white dogs, but nothing to worry about. This girl has plenty of life left to live.

Daphne is house trained, crate trained, and walks well on a leash. She knows sit and stay and takes treats gently. We do recommend a heavier duty kennel (no wire crates) for when she's left alone in the house, as she may try to break out when getting acclimated to a new routine and home. Daphne gives the best snuggles, kisses, smiles and love. She is a source of pure happiness and optimism.

Final notes: Sweet Daphne crossed the rainbow bridge in December 2023 due to a collapsed trachea. It was a biological degenerative condition that is actually fairly rare in bigger dogs (it's usually seen in elderly Yorkies). Her breathing became extremely labored due to the condition and our vet told us it was her time -- she fell into eternal sleep in our arms.

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